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18th -24th September 2017
Global Innovation Conference
Adelaide, South Australia

International Innovation week is a celebration of innovation that is helping humanity's creative evolution in joyous harmony with Earth.

Our Opening Event is A 4 Day Global Collaboration Conference Being Held In Adelaide from the 18th September -21st Sept 2017. The Opening Ceremony will be honouring the Earth Wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Earth.

There are 4 Broad themes for the 4 days. 
Day 1 - The Living Earth 
Day 2 - Our Innovative World Youth
Day 3 - B Corps. Global Business. Eco Finance.
Day 4 - Is International Peace Day - Creating New Collaborative Eco Communities. Closing Ceremony will be a Water Ceremony Lead by the Emoto Peace Project and their Wonderful Team from Japan. Please see below for more details.

As such it will be a melting pot for innovative business collaboration and socially responsible entrepreneurship that is in harmony with Adelaide's Carbon Neutral Plan of becoming a Zero Carbon Smart City.

Our Aim : Sharing Global Brilliance to Discover the Collaborative Opportunities for Creative Enterprise Partnerships and Connecting Innovative Enterprise with the Creative Global Economy.

Our Long Term Goal is to Make the Live Streaming of Innovation Wisdom Easily accessible to all of the people on Earth who have a focused intention to share innovation wisdom for Earth & Humanity to be in harmony, and brilliant health.

We need to raise funds to make sure this event can be held every year in a New City.  Creating New Opportunities for Cities and Communities to Support Growth and Vital Innovative Services, that Help Humanity in Joyous Harmony with the Earth.

Experience the Creative Global Social Growth Factor to Grow Your Business and Community Beyond 2020.

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2017 Theme: Creating Space and Time,

For Including the Multi-Cultural Innovation Wisdom that has the Infinite Capacity to Nurture, Nourish and Empower Humanity's Social Growth Factor to Create New Frontiers in Business Innovation ~ so Humanity is Growing with the Creative Capacity for brilliance and beauty.

We can create a joyous Global Gross Domestic Product in harmony with humanity’s creative evolution.

Presentations will include as much of the following as possible:

Sustainability – Mission – Vision – Values – for Humanity and Earth.
Innovation Wisdom.
Benefits to Humanity – how does their work contribute to Humanity’s creative evolution?
Collaborative Leadership Qualities.
Information re: Completed Pilot Projects or advanced Projects that demonstrate benefits to humanity.
Dynamic Presenter – preferably with minimum of 10mins of engaging interactive content.
Special Announcements, breakthroughs or Launch of Innovative Product/Service that are of benefit to Huamnity.
Simple conference format
4 days 10am-4pm

6:30 pm Diner with Key Note Speaker/s with Informal Q&A for Smaller Audience.
1 Dinner is Included in a 4 Day Pass and you will be asked to Nominate which Key Note Speaker you would like to Have dinner with. PLEASE NOTE: There are only 70 Dinner Seats Available per Night so please Book Early and Enjoy the Collaborative Opportunities Available. Please Email if you would like more information about the Collaborative Opportunities Available. Additional Dinner Seats can be purchased by 4 Day Pass Holders Until June 30th 2017 or until sold out. After the 30th June 2017 1 Day Pass Holders will be able to purchase a Dinner ticket for $122.00 If Seats are still Available.

Adelaide Accommodation:
Special Event Rates Are Being Provided by
Mayfair Hotel Adelaide. 45 King William St Adelaide. SA